Interview with Shawnee Ray

Shawnee Ray discusses the struggles her family faced when her daughter was incarcerated, and how her perception of the criminal justice system has changed since.

This interview was conducted virtually by Marci Marie Simmons with Shawnee Ray on April 17, 2023 at 1:35pm. Shawnee is the mother of a formerly incarcerated daughter. Shawnee describes how the mass incarceration of women in the United States has affected her family. She talks about the mental anguish of having an incarcerated loved one and how she, as a mother, dealt with having her daughter incarcerated. Shawnee also discusses things that she feels need to change in our justice system.

This interview might be of interest to individuals who want to learn about the affects of mass incarceration, how families cope with having incarcerated loved ones and/or want to explore changes that could be made to support families who are dealing with having incarcerated loved ones.

Marci Marie Simmons is a formerly incarcerated woman and social media personality who uses her lived experiences to advocate for incarcerated people and prison reform.